Introducing Torin Eric!

Day 1 as parents at the hospital

Our son Torin Eric was born Dec 18th, 2012 at Park City Medical Center. He weighed in at 7lbs 8oz and 21 inches long at birth and is growing quickly, he’s now 12lbs six weeks later! My labor progressed really well and relatively quickly for a first timer, about 6 hours of ‘real’ labor, 4 at the hospital. I plan on writing more gorey details about my delivery but until then here’s a few photos from our experiences so far.

Back at home

We are adjusting to life as parents with lots of help from family and friends and figuring out how to get back to our jobs and expensive hobbies. Ian is back at work at White Pine Touring and I’m planning for the triathlon season (will take a lot more organizing now) and started instructing at the Nordic Center and teaching Computrainer classes for Max Testa Training. I’ve been training again, skiing, running, swimming and biking, which feels great even if I’m not that fast!

I get a lot of questions about how well he’s sleeping like it’s the worst thing ever about being parents. Torin still needs to be fed every 3 hours around the clock (which is normal) and although time consuming and tiring at times is totally manageable at the moment. I still think getting medical bills in the mail is worse 🙂 But I think we’ve been lucky in a lot of ways.

Skiing with Torin in the Baby Bjorn when he was one week old

My 1st days back on skis at Round Valley with Kip a week after delivery

Testing out the Chariot at White Pine, can't wait to get my own! man this will get me in shape!

And the name…

Agreeing on names is tough and is part of the reason we chose to find out the gender. I was having a hard time coming up with boys’ names so if I was having one I needed to start thinking of one sooner than later.  That and the fact ‘gender neutral’ anything rarely exists here. Ian and I chose the name as soon as we got in the car post ultrasound-determining-gender. It was the 1st name we agreed on so we stuck with it. I liked the name and always assumed it was Scandinavian (I’m a fan of Scando names) but turns out it’s Gaelic name which is more fitting for our ancestry anyway. It’s also the name of a tool company.

It probably is the Gaelic version of Tor/Thor meaning chief of thunder I like this meaning the best:

Torin, Gaelic for Chief, is a likeable character who breathes calm, tranquility and harmony. He will be particularly attracted to the artistic and literary professions, or those connected with the land, nature and animals.

Turns out it’s also a lot less common than I imagined which is nice but also makes it as weird in the Nordic ski community as if I was to name my kid Conrad in the XTERRA community, actually weirder as Conrad is a more common name. Yes I do know Torin Koos and think it’s pretty cool that he’s also the ‘celebrity with this name’ on what-to-name-your-baby-websites. 

Eric is Ian’s dad’s name and someone worthy of being named after. It’s a good strong, traditional name and we thought it worked well with Torin. I thought it was pretty manly name but every time I go to the pediatrician’s office they think he’s a girl!

Thanks for reading,

Mama Emma

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